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Looking into the future of Digital Business

The pandemic has changed our ways of working. “Phygital” seems to be the new normal and digital the future. Many businesses had already made the offline to online shift much before the pandemic, while the last six months have witnessed only online transactions and dealings.

Organisations have also revisited their priorities as they find new solutions to accelerate the business growth and aim for long-term success. Traditional face-to-face methods have been replaced by tools like online wallets, e-commerce business, Video KYC for banks and insurance firms, AI-led instructions and more.

Organisations will soon start building their digital platforms while utilising advanced analytics with greater intensity. For example, DBS Bank understood the need to do more for its customers and adopted a RED mantra: Respectful, Easy to deal with, and Dependable. This involved tech-driven processes because they strongly believe that making banking joyful should involve making the ‘banking’ part, invisible.

Here’s how the country is paving the path for digital business growth.

Digitising Sales and Customer Processes

Organisations have started to think about digital tools and techniques, particularly for selling the product and meeting client measure prerequisites. Companies are adopting and implementing a host of applications, digital payment methods, self-service platforms, digital documentation, onboarding and electronic signatures to ensure that internal operations, income and revenue continue to flow. Indeed, even the smallest organisations have taken to digital to keep the client inflow flawless, by embracing the most recent AI innovation and apparatuses like face recognition and biometric signatures, and they don’t appear to be returning to their conventional ways in the near future.

The finance business, including banks, NBFCs, fin-tech, insurance, and numerous others presently pick online processes to make business simpler for clients, including opening an account through video KYC. Clients presently don’t have to visit the branch to finish all the formalities and fill lengthy forms. Video KYC speeds up the cycle guaranteeing they are onboarded in only two minutes!

Digital Marketing to Customers

The manner in which organisations market their products is developing quickly. Given that industry events have shut down because of the pandemic, B2B organisations like Slack and Zendesk have embraced better approaches to connect with clients by means of their digital advertising that has created new business leads. Digital content, particularly promotions guided through online media stages should be information driven, customised and shown to the correct clients for a continued boost of sales and advertising. This can likewise help improve productivity and ROI.

Empowering Employees with the Right Tools

To ensure that representatives meet their maximum potential it is imperative for organisations to receive innovation that makes activities and cycles simpler and more effective. Representatives should be instructed about the most recent advances and prepared in the best way to manage new clients, digitally, for maximum consumer loyalty.

For example, Kwik.ID, our Video KYC tool is enabled with customer queueing facility to reduce customer repetition. The analytics dashboard helps agents manage their time more efficiently. Finally, the Neuro Linguistic Programming software ensures agents understand and guide customers better, and (instantly) resolve their issues.

Utilising the Cloud for big business applications, planning and management, workforce management, billing and many others, not only provides easier employee access to technology but also helps manage cybersecurity better as everything is housed together.

It is significant for associations to have all the documentation and client information in one spot—regardless of where the agent or employee is, information can be accessed from a distance and work needn’t stop. At Think360, we suggest dealing on-the-go, which our video KYC apparatus empowers, by storing all the information in one spot.

In the coming months, online instruments like advanced banking, e-wallets and Video KYC India can essentially profit financial backers, insurance agencies and specialists, banked and unbanked areas, non-banking entities and numerous others. While these tools support business, they additionally help fight sluggish business attributable to COVID, while guaranteeing that work moves consistently from any place across the globe.

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